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Want to grow your business without the logistics hassle? We can help.

Want to grow your business without the logistics hassle? We can help.

Let’s make ship happen.

And grow your business exponentially
with a reliable partner that shares your vision.


Hi, there are alternatives such as doing a buyer’s consolidation. Or trying out alternative solutions as local forwarders who serve niche markets which is what we cater at Parcelers, we want to get you to new alternatives and services that can truly allow you to reduce the shipping cost to get your product to the final buyer.

At Parcelers we are the helpers of the marketplace, we are the logistics or invisible portion that get the product from the marketplace to your door.

We work giving you our plugin to connect your store to us, we can make the connection ourselves in case you need the assistance, or we can simply put you in contact with our developers to find a solution that suits you.

We want to assist you as best as possible and you can find our Customer Support Experts within normal working hours, you can try us by phone, by messaging, or by email, all published on our website at CONTACT US.

Panama City, Rep. of Panamá.

Yes, we are here for you all the way, you can CONTACT US to assist you with information, you can reach one of our AGENTS in case you want to know more about our solutions, or you can contact CLAIMS in case you need something to be resolved.

Locally SAME-DAY solutions can be delivered, internationally you always need to consider customs is involved and regularly you will have a speedy service, in random cases packages can be selected for scanning, same as it can happen with your luggage in a flight or when you are entering a foreing country.

Sure, you will get a message to remember to schedule your pick up or confirm your drop off instructions.

If you no longer require, or wish to cancel your parcel collection please use the request to cancel button. To locate this option go to Bookings > Orders. Just select the order you wish to cancel and confirm the cancellation.

You will be issued a refund, which can take between 3-7 working days to show in your account. There may be a cancellation charge due depending on the delivery service you have chosen, and if you have any questions on this just ask the support team who will be happy to help.

If you’re an industry expert ready to take the next step in your logistics career, this business opportunity is for you.