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We planned our first educational field trip to Montréal for a group of teachers in the fall of 1985. What we didn’t know about students & teachers on educational tours, we made up for with hard work, passion for quality and knowledge of the destination. Today, we're proud to be a part of The ACIS Educational Tours family.



Taking a French student to Québec or Montreal is like giving a Bunsen Burner to a chemistry student.

  • • Nobody would dream of teaching chemistry by telling students to just take it on faith that if they only had a Bunsen Burner, and could do X with it, Y would result.
  • • Seeing is believing, and listening to and speaking French in the real world is believing too.

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Things like this never happen by accident.

There are some very specific reasons why Visit Canada has become America’s leading operator of educational tours to Canada and North America’s pre-eminent operator of educational tours for students of foreign languages. Things like this never happen by accident.

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