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These Policies are valid for the website and it is understood that when buying any of our products or services the customer accepts the service policies specified below.


Once the service is sent and processed, through our portal, PARCELLERS INC no refunds or refunds of money are made. We accept claims within 24 hours of receiving the package, as long as upon receipt of the package you decline the reception of the package and put the comments of the decline. You must send your claim to in writing within 24 hours. In this case, the client will present his claim with the amount and provided that he complies with the conditions previously explained, his claim and refund will be processed.

To cancel your purchase order or any of its services, the customer must contact us through the Customer Service Center, email

In these cases, a surcharge will be applied for management and administration expenses that will depend on the service provider that you have chosen.


The guarantee of all our services will be established by PARCELLERS INC (PARCELLERS) indicated in the Terms and Conditions of the website. (Trade or Provider)


PARCELLERS guarantees the security of the information of its clients, which travels in an encrypted way to our secure site and is managed in such a way that it can not be deciphered by agents external to us. (See Privacy Policies)


The prices are expressed in USD, according to the referential exchange rate of the day of the transaction. They may also be subject to change without prior notice.

PARCELLERS ensures the availability of the products and services displayed on the portal. If a situation arises, due to lack of availability,PARCELLERS will promptly inform its customers, by email of our Customer Service, about this situation beyond our control, indicating the reason why the service can not be delivered or estimated time of delivery. delivery.


The hours of customer service through the portal, are:

Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The client accepts that he must have a person to receive his service during these hours.

PARCELLERS will not accept as commitment special schedules that the client writes in the fields of the order form and will only serve as commitment as indicated in this document.

The client accepts that if his required service has been registered outside the hours of receipt of purchases, it will be sent in the next available immediate time range.


The customer is obliged to pay / settle / cancel the order of the service performed by the portal  in its entirety.

The type of payment is by credit card, VISA and MasterCard are accepted.

PARCELLERS is affiliated with the Verified by Visa and Master Security Code service in order to offer its clients the greatest security and confidence possible when making their online payments.


The client must provide full details of the address of the recipient. The client provides at least address, telephone, email and contact name.

PARCELLERS reserves the right not to deliver information to the client in case it has incurred in the delivery of partial or misleading information about its identity.


PARCELLERS offers its services to and from Panama at a global level. The customer undertakes to provide the necessary information of the recipient to carry out the delivery of the requested service. Any error or lack of information in this regard, will be the entire responsibility of the client.

The estimated delivery time will be indicated according to the destination of the load in the quote.


Use of cards without authorization of the owner or stolen.

We are not responsible for purchases made with credit cards without prior authorization from the owner or stolen; it being understood that the person making the purchase is fully authorized to carry out the transaction and, therefore, we can not refuse to process it. Making transactions online without the owner’s prior consent or with stolen cards constitutes a fraud which is punishable under Panamanian law.

We send information via email to our customers regarding our credit card payment providers. We are affiliated with a Financial Institution with high standards at a regional level, which provides us with credit cards, with the sole responsibility of being a collection agent.


We undertake to abide by the provisions of the Consumer Protection and Defense Law and the guidelines regarding privacy policy.


Any situation not foreseen in these policies will be resolved by our Customer Service Center. At all times, compliance with our agreements will be verified under the philosophy of maximum customer satisfaction, under the understanding that there will be agents external to us that will prevent us from fulfilling our purpose.